Send us snail mail for your student by April 1 – The deadline for us to receive student mail is 4/1 so Chloe can take it over when she meets the group in Peru. Our hope is that each student will have at least one piece of mail for our mid-semester mail drop. Mail received after April 1 may be forwarded/returned the student’s home address. Over the years, we’ve learned how much students cherish letters; they are often kept and reread continuously during the rest of their semester.

Additionally, please remember that we accept only letters, not packages, unless you’ve communicated to us about a specific necessary item (please do so prior to sending it). Any packages we receive will be opened; this is largely to save space as we transport mail.

Reasons we do not accept packages: For one thing, it is difficult logistically for us to transport packages from our office in Bozeman to the group. On a bigger picture, packages can elicit issues around equity in the student cohort (for example, imagine one student getting ten packages from Amazon with whimsical items, while other students may not have the resources for such purchases – you get the idea). And while we know it’s so tempting to send a care/goodie package, we want to encourage students to determine what they really need and want on a semester, budget themselves, and use their town time to wisely purchase those items, be they chocolate, candy, new socks, or toothpaste. Your child is learning valuable self-care and travel skills while on semester; they are capable of making necessary purchases as well as buying treats/fun items and should not need assistance from home. Of course, if you feel there’s a special circumstance, please do communicate with us and we can discuss exceptions to this rule.

Send all letters to the address below with your student’s name included in the address lines:

STUDENT NAME                

c/o: The Traveling School

PO Box 7058

Bozeman, MT  59771