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Admissions Events


2022 Webinars

Join members of our Admissions Team to learn more about our fall and spring high school semesters in the western United States! Each Admissions Webinar will spotlight a recent alumna and cover itinerary, curriculum and community specifics. Bring your questions — there will be a 10 minute Q&A at the end of each session.


Upcoming Webinars

Sunday, May 22 at 5:00pm Mountain Time

Admissions Info Session: Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us for our upcoming info session in SLC, hosted by Board Member and former TTS Faculty, Emily Mallory, and Head of School, Jennifer Royall, to understand more about what we do, why we do it, and how you can be a part of a life-changing semester with us. 

RSVP for this in-person Info Session by emailing Emily at . Event location will be shared with registration confirmation. 

Thursday, June 2 at 5:00pm Mountain Time

Spring ’22 Student & Faculty Panel for Prospective Students — Register Here

Join members of our 37th Traveling School semester to learn more about what it looks like to travel through the western US for high school. Bring your questions, curiosity and excitement!


Recorded Webinars

Admissions Webinar with TTS36 Alumnae — Recorded April 11, 2022

Join The Traveling School Admissions Team and two TTS36 alumnae for a conversation about what our high school semesters is all about!


Fall ’21 Alumnae Panel — Recorded February 8, 2022

Members of the TTS36 student and teacher cohort reflect on their Fall ’21 semester in the western US!


General Admission Webinar — Recorded January 12, 2022

Join The Traveling School Admissions Team for a conversation about what our high school semesters entail! This session is ~45 minutes long and includes a Q & A and semester stories from a Fall ’21 faculty member.


TTS Parent Panel for Prospective Students — Recorded November 9, 2021

TTS Academic Dean, Aunge Thomas, and Recruiting Coordinator, Maddie Johnson, connect with parents of TTS alumnae for an evening of storytelling, reflection and advice for prospective students like YOU! 


Semester Schools Network Info Session — Recorded November 1, 2021

This hour-long webinar introduces the nine schools in the Semester School Network and provides an overview of each school’s unique programming. You can hear from The Traveling School at the 41:36 minute mark.


General Admissions Webinar with TTS34 Alumna Grayce McCarley and her mom, Mary — Recorded October 27, 2021

TTS Recruiting Coordinator Maddie Johnson chats with TTS34 Alumnae Grayce McCarley and her mom, Mary. They speak to both the parent and student side of a Traveling School semester, and provide helpful advice about scholarships and fundraising.


General Admissions Webinar with TTS22 Alumna Anne McBride — Recorded October 14, 2021

TTS Recruiting Coordinator Maddie Johnson and TTS22 Alumna Anne McBride provide an overview of our semester program. 


Who, What, Where, Why of The Traveling School — Recorded October 12, 2021

Why should you apply to The Traveling School? This 1-minute video provides a brief overview of our approach to academics, leadership and community, and emphasizes why a semester away will benefit you!


Alumnae Panel — Recorded January 26, 2021

TTS Recruiting Coordinator Maddie Johnson connects with seven special TTS alumnae to share semester stories, life updates, and advice for prospective students.


Fundraising Tips & Tricks with TTS34 Alumnae — Recorded May 27, 2021

TTS34 alumnae share the ins and outs of fundraising for a Traveling School semester.


Give Big Alumnae Impact Panel — Recorded June 29, 2021

TTS staff and board members connect with recent alumnae to reflect on the impact of their semester with The Traveling School. 


Sending Schools

The art of learning for the sake of learning is recaptured for students who attend The Traveling School.

Guidance Counselor, Fox Lane High School, New York

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