Investing in your future

Affording a Semester

The impact of attending an immersive, high-value Traveling School program extends beyond the semester and builds future changemakers.  We believe any motivated young student – regardless of their family’s financial standing – should have the opportunity to amplify their voice and develop confidence. That’s why we offer need-based scholarships to help applicants achieve a Traveling School semester.

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2023-2024 Semester Tuition

2024-2025 Semester Tuition



Enrollment Deposit (returned if unused) $1000
Recommended semester spending money $375
Additional expenses (plane ticket, gear, passport)* $1000-2500

*Additional expenses vary by semester location. Rental gear is available. Contact The Traveling School for further information.

40-60% of student body receives need-based scholarships

Help make your semester a reality with a Personal Savings Plan

Tuition Payment Plans available to all families

Need-Based Scholarships

Watch a recording of our Affording a Semester webinar that takes you through the scholarship process and other resources on this page.

The Traveling School works with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to process scholarship applications so we can make accurate award decisions based on your family’s financial need. The Traveling School is solely responsible for determining the final scholarship award; the analysis completed by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment serves as a recommendation only. We are committed to working with families to ensure that this process is accessible for all; if you have questions or concerns, email admissions@travelingschool.com.

Read our FACTS Application Guide to learn how to open an application.

    • Scholarship applications for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 are due by February 15, 2024. 
    • Earlier is better! We award the majority of our scholarships during the admissions evaluations that start on February 15, and it takes FACTS time to process your documents. We want to be able to award scholarships at the time of acceptance. Late applications may be considered on a rolling basis if submitted after February 15.
    • There is a non-refundable $40 fee to open an application with FACTS.
    • Scholarships can only be used for tuition (not additional expenses).
    • Students of families applying for scholarships are required to submit a Personal Savings Plan by February 15, 2024.

Personal Savings Plan

All applicants applying for need-based scholarships complete a Personal Savings Plan to demonstrate intention, dedication and participation in preparing for the financial investment of a semester. Use the resources below to create a personalized roadmap to your Traveling School experience.

Tuition Payment Plans

The Traveling School works with FACTS Tuition Management to provide flexible payment options to all families. With FACTS online tuition management, families can make tuition payments over the course of a semester. Enrollment in a tuition payment plan happens after a student has been accepted in a Traveling School semester and before the semester start date.

In some states, families may utilize 529 plans for tuition payments. There are some limitations, however, so we encourage families to contact their financial advisor about their plan.

Gear Fleet

The Traveling School can also help students obtain select gear and supplies on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at admissions@travelingschool.com for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my parents are divorced, who should fill out the FACTS application?

If parents are divorced, both parents must complete a FACTS application.

How many students receive a scholarship?

Between 40%-60% of students each year receive a need-based scholarship. As of 2023, over $1.3 million in scholarship awards have been distributed.

How much scholarship funding will I receive?

Scholarship awards range from $2,000 up to full tuition. The average grant over the past three years has been $10,931. Please note: the majority of scholarships are awarded during the priority admissions cycle for applications received by February 15. 

How do I get started with fundraising?

We know that fundraising can be a daunting task for students, and each person is in a unique context and financial situation. However, we have worked with and learned from our alumnae over the years, and investing in your own future is a uniquely powerful piece of The Traveling School experience. To get started:

  • Set goals and start early.
  • Contact a local women’s organization. Explain The Traveling School and why you are so excited about it, and see if they award any grants or can help you raise money through their network.
  • Play to your strengths! Are you an artist? Make notecards to sell at a local coffeeshop. A musician? Hold a donation-based concert. Athlete? Put together a hike-a thon. This doesn’t have to be a major chore; connect to one of your passions.
  • Check out the guide we’ve put together based on hundreds of alumnae, Investing in Your Future Toolkit, or contact us directly at admissions@travelingschool.com to brainstorm and plan together.
How is The Traveling School's scholarship program funded?

Our Need-Based Scholarship fund is supported by generous donors as well as grants from foundations. If you are interested in making a semester possible by donating to our scholarship fund, please contact us at development@travelingschool.com or click here to donate today!

Affording a Semester

The most important thing to understand about The Traveling School is that it is not a finite experience. The lessons you learn while abroad will follow you for the rest of your life.

Traveling School Alumna