Board of Directors

Emily Mallory


Base Camp: Utah
Board Member since 2016
Faculty for Fall Semester, Southern Africa, 2008
Faculty for Spring Semester, Central America, 2009

Emily’s adventurous spirit and curiosity have led her to design and teach education and training programs for young people and adults in the U.S. and overseas. She has worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer, trained K-12 teachers to integrate digital media in the classroom, and explored social justice issues with middle school students. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Emily developed a passion for the outdoors because of family camping trips on the Mississippi River. Fly fishing, hiking, dancing, traveling, speaking Spanish, and being in wide open spaces nurture Emily’s soul.

Chris Bacon

Base Camp: New York
Board Member since 2020

Chris grew up in Western New York and spent summers on a lake in Muskoka, Canada where she learned it is possible to love a place almost as much as a person. Her first trip on an airplane wasn’t until she was 20 years old, when she flew from Buffalo to London to spend a semester studying abroad. Since then, she studied abroad again in Nice, France and has visited 19 countries. As the mother of three daughters (one a TTS alumna) she is deeply committed to empowering women and is a firm believer that travel fosters wisdom and compassion. She is currently the Director of Education and Development for the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area and the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center, a freelance legal author for Thomson Reuters, and a member of the Oakwood Cemetery Heritage Foundation board of directors. She holds a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law – Newark and a master’s degree from Niagara University.

Kim Belvin

Base Camp: Maryland
Board Member since 2021

Kim works for MITRE, a non-profit science and engineering company. Growing up in a Southern Californian beach town, she encountered beachgoers speaking many different languages. This piqued her curiosity, eventually resulting in her earning a Ph.D. in Linguistics from UCSD. In 1975 her family hosted a Vietnamese refugee family, while her best friend’s family were recent immigrants from Iran. Bouncing between the 3 households, she developed a deep appreciation for the complexity of identity and culture. Kim and her husband Robin have hosted several pairs of students for the Cyprus Friendship Project, which brings together Turkish and Greek Cypriot youths striving for peaceful reconciliation of their divided island. Daughter Lena traveled to South America with TTS23 where she rediscovered her love of science, which she is pursuing at USD with a double major in Physics and Engineering and a minor in Naval Science. Seeing the impact of TTS, Kim is committed to enabling more young women to have this opportunity.

Nicole Cooper


Base Camp: Washington
Board Member since 2020

Nicole has been a strong advocate and supporter of The Traveling School since her daughter’s semester to Southern Africa with TTS28. Nicole and her husband had the opportunity to spend a week with TTS in Namibia for friends and family week, and really appreciated watching the TTS teachers and students in action. That trip really cemented the passion and commitment that Nicole has for supporting TTS. Not having any opportunities to travel while growing up, Nicole is now a huge advocate for experiential and international education, and it is her dream that every young girl should have the opportunity to enhance their learning opportunities through travel. Nicole is a benefit compliance analyst for Weyerhaeuser and loves what she considers a “nerd” job. When she’s not working, Nicole can be found spending her spare time at her remote off-the-grid cabin in Western Montana.

Meredith Center

Base Camp: Montana
Board Member since 2021

Meredith has been traveling internationally since high school and has ended up in a career that puts living and working overseas front and center, currently serving as the Project Director for a malaria prevention project based in West Africa. Outside of the US, Meredith has lived in France, Italy, Zambia, and Cambodia, and is relocating to Cote d’Ivoire for her next job with Population Services International, a health NGO. Through her travels to 45 different countries (and counting!), Meredith has developed a deep appreciation for what traveling and experiencing different cultures can bring to someone’s life and she brings this excitement for travel and cross-cultural engagement and learning to her role on the Board.  Meredith has a BA in Sociology from Emory University and a MA in International Economics and Development from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  Besides traveling, Meredith loves to spend time with her husband and three kids hiking, biking, camping, swimming, or just generally enjoying nature.

Christine Hrenya

Base Camp: Montana
Board Member since 2021

Christine has been involved firsthand in education for as long as she can remember – first as a K-Ph.D. student for over two decades, and now as an engineering professor at the University of Colorado for over two decades.  She is a firm believer that travel beyond tourism – engaging meaningfully with locals in communities very different than our own – is essential to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.  Her own international travel began as an undergraduate in college, and it has been a constant in her life ever since – 25 countries and counting.  In her spare time, Christine enjoys beekeeping, biking, volunteering in her local community, and spending time with her husband and their schooled-and-well-traveled dog.

Chrissie Monaghan

Base Camp: New York
Board Member since 2021
Faculty for Fall Semester, Southern Africa 2009
Faculty for Spring Semester, Central America 2011

Chrissie Monaghan was a teacher with TTS in Southern Africa in the fall of 2009 and Central America in the spring of 2011. She holds a doctorate in International Education from the University of Virginia. Previously, Chrissie taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the International Education Program at New York University. She also held positions as a researcher and advocate with multiple children’s rights organizations where her work focused on the impacts of attacks on education and healthcare on children. She is currently transitioning to a career in medicine and applying to medical school.

Jenae McCarroll

Base Camp: Oregon
Board Member since 2019
Alumna, Fall Semester, Southern Africa 2003
Faculty for Fall Semester, Southern Africa, 2010
Faculty for Spring Semester, South America, 2012

Jenae seeks out and employs experiences to shift perspective, engage deep inquiry and stoke human passion. Jenae’s life trajectory galvanized as a sixteen-year-old student traveling through southwest Africa on The Traveling School’s second semester. The meaning and impact the experience, teachers and organization created in Jenae’s life sparked a lifelong connection to intentional travel, global development and how different groups of people work together through challenges and celebrations. After years of leading international service and adventure programs for teens, and graduating in International Relations from San Francisco State University, Jenae was hired as a faculty member for The Traveling School’s 16th and 19th semesters. Since then Jenae has facilitated change management and team-building experiences for countless organizations, founded a social enterprise to support women and girls in Kenya and worked in independent schools to support development, advancement and experiential programming. Jenae holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Transformation and Leadership Development and currently lives in Bend, Oregon where she works at Cascades Academy as the Director of Auxiliary Programs. Jenae loves to adventure and camp in beautiful places with her partner Scott and their van “Beluga” as well as mountain bike, stand up paddle and spend time with family and community.

Paul Moniz

Base Camp: Virginia
Board Member since 2020

Paul’s introduction to TTS came by way of his daughter Sophie, an alumna of TTS31 South America. After witnessing the incredible talents of TTS faculty and leadership first-hand during the parents’ visit to Peru, and seeing the life-changing effects on Sophie, he desired to help make the TTS experience available to a broader range of young women. Paul has more than 30 years of non-profit and IT leadership experience, as well as a Masters in Technology Management from George Mason University. His volunteering experience includes Cub Scout Leader, high school STEM mentor, and student liaison for AFS-USA, one of the oldest and most respected international exchange student organizations. Paul and his wife Wendy have been hosts to 3 foreign exchange students, and enjoy traveling with Sophie and their son Beck to see their extended AFS families around the world. In his spare time, Paul enjoys tinkering with old BMWs and playing drums in a neighborhood dad band.

Natalie Trono

Base Camp: New York
Board Member since 2021
Alumna, Fall Semester, Southern Africa 2013

As a former student of The Traveling School, Natalie has benefited firsthand from the transformative educational experience of place-based education. She has been a member of the Alumnae Council since 2018 where she has supported alumnae outreach with a specific focus on expanding scholarship opportunities for young women through the alumnae network. Natalie studied Economics and Social History at Barnard College and has lived and worked in New York City since. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Natalie enjoys hiking and running in her free time.

Flora Weeks

Base Camp: Washington
Board Member since 2021

Flora is a strong advocate for immersive, place-based education experiences. She has seen the life-changing positive results of this type of education both as a student and as an educator. Through her work at three different semester schools, she heard about The Traveling School and became intrigued by the potential of the TTS model. She has seen students challenged on outdoor expeditions, leaning into cultural interactions with homestay families, and feeling bolstered by a community of their peers. In each case, the growth of these students is immense. Knowing TTS provides this and more to each student, Flora is excited to be on the board to support and promote this program and all that it can offer teenage girls. She loves hiking, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends, often making and/or eating ice cream. 

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