This past week we embarked on a backpacking journey through the Grand Gulch area in Southeastern Utah. We split into two groups, and hiked through different drainages and scaled in or out of the vast canyon . Along the way, we encountered sights and experiences we couldn’t have found anywhere else, including but not limited to: ancient Puebloan dwellings, beautiful canyon views, and cryptobiotic crust. We had a great time scrambling up the canyon walls, having sing alongs and nightly circles. Our favorite meals included lentil soup and 

couscous, oatmeal, and HELLA GORP (good ol’ raisins and peanuts). Looking forward to more adventures to come!

-BoBo (Bronwyn), Mimi (Amelia), Margie (Margot), and E-Dubs (Ella)


10 Things We Learned During Service-Learning on the Navajo Nation – 

  1. Food connects people/food is universal
  2. Beading takes patience and cooperation
  3. Communication is fundamental for service-learning
  4. Communities are built on trust
  5. Service should be mutually beneficial
  6. Farms are a place of life
  7. It’s never a bad idea to ask questions
  8. It’s always a good idea to listen
  9. Goats are FAST
  10. Tamales are better as dessert

THANK YOU to our hosts Susie, Daisy, Helen, Seth, and Alaina for sharing their knowledge, culture, and food with our TTS group!

-Gracie, Janelle, Flora