Southern Africa, Fall 2023

TTS39 Semester Blog

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TTS39, we miss you already!

TTS39,  We miss you dearly!  We hope you're settling back into your home lives, reconnecting with loved ones, and enjoying the simple pleasures like sipping matcha, indulging in your favorite workout, or cuddling with your pup. We trust that you're finding joy in...

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Vignettes of Love

Last week, TTS39 wrapped up their Honors Literature and Composition Course. Students carefully crafted and shared a one-page vignette about a moment from the semester that they gave, received or witnessed love. Their writer's process consisted of a teacher-led rapid...

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Transitioning Home

Hey there! Maybe snow is falling where you live, as the nights stretch longer, perhaps you're cozying up to a fire as you enthusiastically await your child's arrival home. We’re still here, sweating a bit more than we’d like, and watching the days grow longer still....

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Sawubona! Howdy from Zululand! After galloping our way through the Drakensberg Mountains, where we went on an incredible horseback ride and came back together as a community after our time at ALA, we found our way to a little place called Eshowe. Eshowe is the oldest...

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Cape Town & Johannesburg

November 16, 2023 Hi there TTS39 friends and family, It’s a pleasure to write to you. We are currently two days into our four-day stay at the African Leadership Academy - a boarding school in Johannesburg, South Africa, which brings together African students aged 16...

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Students are fresh from their time in Cape Town and are now enjoying their time in Johannesburg at the African Leadership Academy. Check out this update from Leslie, written after their hiking trip in the Cederbergs a couple of weeks back.  Howzit! Hello from South...

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Rolling on the (Orange) River

Hello and welcome to a little slice of life at the Traveling School – a taste of the air we’re breathing, the sights we’re seeing, and the moments we’re sharing. Come on the Orange River with us for four days. But first, let’s set the stage –  the environment, the...

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Perusing Poetry & Digging into Data

Collaborative projects and place-based learning continue to be driving forces in each class! Take a peek at some recent work from two classes: Honors Literature and Composition and Honors Statistics. Honors Literature and Composition just finished their second unit,...

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Greetings from Big Blue

Students are currently hunkered down working on midterms on the coast of Namibia, and we will share more current updates soon. In the meantime, we wanted to share some thoughts from Meredith Nass, Global Studies and History teacher extraordinaire. Some this post...

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Into Namibia: Desert, City, and Sea

Just one week into their time in Namibia, this group has used every minute to soak up the experience. Here is a quick overview of some of the ways they are engaging academically and culturally in the fourth (!) country they’ve visited so far.  Next adventure on the...

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