Ana Siegel (a Semester School Alumni) writes a wonderful blog post about the life lessons learned by attending a semester school…

“To begin, what is a semester school, in the first place? These schools offer a semester-long educational experience for high school juniors, allowing them to return home with “academic credit, out-of-classroom experiences, and a whole new worldview” (Semester Schools Network). Ranging from backcountry training at the High Mountain Institute to ethical leadership experience at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, these semester schools provide opportunities for students to hone in on what they are passionate about, as well as to develop those passions further…So why should every high school junior attend semester school? Look at these lessons, and try to convince yourself why not. For information regarding the incredible opportunities that semester schools provide, do some more digging on the Semester Schools Network.”

You will learn to be independent, and to trust yourself.

You will learn about community.

You will learn to persevere.

You will learn that home doesn’t have to be limited to where you were raised.

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