A place-based semester high school for girls.

Western United States 

Fall: August 26 – December 8

Montana | Wyoming | Utah | Colorado | Arizona

Unleash your inner explorer and discover the western United States with an adventurous spirit. Our Interdisciplinary curriculum will ask you to confront the intersection of historical and contemporary issues through a variety of lenses. Navigate booming rapids while contemplating the social and economic effects of hydroelectric energy. Stargaze in the desert while discussing the injustices of dispossessed Indigenous homelands. Backpack through the Rocky Mountains while considering the geological, political and cultural forces that shape them. 

This 15-week semester will develop your critical inquiry skills, broaden your understanding of power, privilege and identity in the US, help you pursue outdoor challenges and strengthen your community-based leadership principles. You will finish the semester feeling inspired to form your own opinions, deeply connected to your tight-knit cohort and empowered to confront the beauty and complexity of US realities.


The Traveling School didn’t change who I was, but it empowered me to take my own path and tap into my natural curiosity. It gave me that extra confidence to be able to put myself out there and take risks to follow my passions and interests.

Liz, Alumna Fall 2015

In class, you might...

  • Investigate indicator bird species in threatened ecosystems
  • Examine the relationships between humans, wildlife and land through conversations with ranchers, conservationists and local Indigenous peoples
  • Contemplate immigration policy along the US - Mexico border
  • Explore the lasting impacts of "settling the American West"

Outside of class, you might...

  • Discuss astronomy before falling asleep under the stars
  • Help an organic farm plant crops in the spring or harvest in the fall
  • Master bouldering routes in Arizona's Sonoran Desert
  • Paddle whitewater in southern Colorado
  • Learn to cook nutritious backcountry meals

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