We Stand In Solidarity

Dear Traveling School Community,

The Traveling School stands in solidarity with Black people who are walking bravely at the frontlines of protests, who have lost loved ones and members of their community to racial violence and who have been victims of white supremacy. The resulting oppression and trauma consumes our nation. We are listening. We know Black lives matter, and we are committed to sharing these values with our students — our future leaders. 

To our Black students, families and community members: we stand alongside you in this fight for your right to dignity, safety and liberation. We recognize the disproportionate violence and challenges you face, and we see your strength. This is an uprising we feel obligated to elevate and amplify until the day such a movement is no longer needed.

Unfortunately, this week is not unique in its call for society to address the systemic racism that has existed for hundreds of years. To effectively amplify Black and Brown voices, we, The Traveling School, have work to do. We must prioritize that work and hold ourselves accountable to its consistent practice. As such, we feel proud to be a part of a school already dedicated to igniting critical thinking, non-performative allyship and brave integrity. This week has done nothing but solidify our values and demand our action in practicing those values when times are challenging, uncomfortable or unfamiliar. 

The Traveling School is committed to critically examining ourselves as a predominantly white organization and transforming practices at all levels to become a more anti-racist organization. Doing our part to dismantle anti-black-racism is our obligation as an educational institution. Holistic education cannot come without lessons in social justice, human rights and cultivating brave co-conspirators.

As such, we commit to the daily practice of centering the voices and experiences of Black and indigenous People of Color in our curriculum. We will invest more resources into building a board of directors, administrative staff and faculty that represents BIPOC. And, we will continue to build a robust financial aid fund to make our program accessible to low income students and students of Color. Our stake in this runs deep; our school and our country are more powerful with the words, art, wisdom, innovation and strength of Black lives. Of that, we are certain. We must dismantle white supremacy as it appears in our nation, institutions, relationships and ourselves. We know this will take long-term self examination, and we will make mistakes.

There are myriad ways to show up for the Black Lives Matter movement. To become an informed accomplice, start by delving into the resources we have compiled on our website, all centered around Black voices and organizations. Also follow this link for more information about The Traveling School’s new Book Club and how to be involved with our Diversity Equity and Inclusion task force. Use this document to find what resonates with you. Reach out, connect, speak up and support. Write letters, do your homework, share what you learn, attend events and donate. 

We must recognize this letter and our list of resources as non-exhaustive and imperfect. We know it is not just about a letter right now, especially one written with white voices. You are going to hear more from us as we transform these ideas into long-term action. While we have plans for moving forward with intentional action, we welcome your feedback, perspectives, resources and insights to info@travelingschool.com to help us grow. 

With love in solidarity,

The Traveling School Office Team and Board of Directors



”I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own. And I am not free as long as one person of Color remains chained. Nor is any one of you. I speak here as a woman of Color who is not bent upon destruction, but upon survival.” 

–Audre Lorde