For this blog post, we asked two students to share their thoughts on our canyoneering adventure in Hanksville, Utah! 


Janelle will get us started with our first day:

Despite initial fears, everyone absolutely rocked the first day of canyoneering in Blarney Canyon. We had so much fun getting to know our guides from Desert Highlights, Kai and Jake!

Reflecting on our first day of canyoneering, I collected quotes from each student:

Lawson reflects, “Canyoneering was eventful, filled with excitement, pushing up all types of fears and conquering them!”


Max reflects, “It went above and beyond all of my expectations and was truly an incredible experience. My favorite thing was being in the very narrow slots and going down the little “rabbit holes.” It made me feel very safe and like I was in another world.”


Alex reflects, “I loved the first descent. It was different than my expectations, but in a good way. I felt supported during the whole first day and I enjoyed learning new skills.”


Margot reflects, “I was very nervous at the beginning, but it ended up being super fun and one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!”


Flora reflects, “It was amazing, wonderful, and gratifying.”


Bec reflects, “It was DOPE.”


Bronwyn reflects, “Such a unique experience!”


Ella reflects, “It was so cool and amazing. Super fun experience and way cooler than I thought it would be!”


Amelia reflects, “Canyoneering was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I loved shimmying on the rocks and sliding down them, even though I got a hole in my pants. I’m now ready for a career in parkour!”


Janelle reflects, “It was such a fun and unique experience with the coolest views! I’m very glad I didn’t rip my pants.”


For our second day, Brownyn gives a play by play of the day: 

Day 2

On our second day of canyoneering, we voted between Leprechaun Canyon and Hogwarts Canyon, the latter winning. We started out hiking up the steep, steep edge for about 45 minutes before we reached our first repel.

Our hike up to the entry point of Hogwarts Canyon


Ella doing our first repel, Bec watching from below


We repelled down a cliff, lowering ourselves into a cove with blossoming flowers, and immediately approached another ledge at eye level with a natural bridge, looking 70 feet down. This repel was beautiful, and once we reached the bottom it was a waiting game. 

Bec looking up at Janelle repelling


At the bottom, we ate lunch, read books and chatted!


Selfie mode! Bec, Eileen (instructor), Bronwyn, and Ella eating lunch


Once everyone made it down these two repels it was a belay down a crack in the rock. At the bottom, a chasm, less than a foot wide that we slid through before dropping down to the ground. Our next repel was even longer than the last. The final repel was the longest, 90 feet.

Alex repelling the final drop!


I was the first to go down, and after hip sliding off the ledge, I looked down the edge of the cliff, hardly able to see the bottom, (mostly because I wear my contacts maybe once every two weeks, and today wasn’t that day, sorry mom!) I repelled about 20 feet before the cliff inverted, and it was a free hang to the bottom. I slid down, feeling the figure eight getting hotter and hotter. Finally I got to the bottom, nearly landing in a tree, and looked up to see the overhang of the cliff and a rope dangling. I unhooked myself and yelled, “Off belay!!”. The air was hot but I realized it was not hot enough to make me sweat as much as I was, that was just the adrenaline. I ran towards the road so I could see where I came from and my jaw dropped as I waved up at Jake, our guide. The view was absolutely gorgeous and more than that, I just lowered myself down a 90 foot cliff with a single rope. It’s safe to say the day was so much fun, and I think we’d all do it again. 

Some additional pictures!

Ella climbing in the canyon!


Lunch time!


Amelia, Flora, Ella, Margot, Max all attached in their carabiners!



Mer and Bronwyn are so tall!


Lawson, Ella, Flora, Margot, Max, Amelia, Bec


Group Photo!!!!!!