TTS27 Zenith Project Update

by Carsyn Randolph, TTS27 Alumna

During our time abroad in South America as TTS27, we felt unconditional love from many wonderful people and communities with open and loving hearts. One of the communities that our group felt welcomed by was the community of Ocutuan in Peru. The community of Ocutuan is a rural village about an hour northwest of Cusco. When we had arrived to Ocutuan, our van door slid open to a group of men and women who greeted us with hugs and handshakes. We spent the day, harvesting potatoes and building earth ovens with community members. 

When the end of the semester approached, we were introduced to the idea of completing a Zenith (Final/Apex) project. Our semester had many magnificent ideas which would fulfill the project, but the one thing we all knew was that we wanted a support a project that would make a difference. When we were in Ocutuan we heard that the community needed assistance with a water project. After about 12 years of attempting to get a water system to their community, the indigenous residents of Ocutuan have been continuously denied access to clean running water. Although this community had finally received permission to implement this water system, they did not have the funds to put it in. We followed up with our guide and friend Puma who has family in the Ocutuan.

Puma informed us that the community needed assistance with funding to install a water system that would supply water to all of the 85 houses. At that time only 20 out of the 85 houses had running water or drinking water. 

Our semester believes that running water is a human right in which everyone in the community of Ocutuan, Peru deserves. We decided that we wanted our Zenith project to involve raising money for the installation of the water system.

When we arrived home we were introduced to the organization Eagle Condor Humanitarian. Eagle Condor is a non-profit organization that was already in contact with the community of Ocutuan and was already involved with raising money. Our semester agreed to partner with this organization because they were stable, had amazing staff, and were already involved with this project.

It has officially been a year since our semester left for South America, and we have completed our goal for our Zenith project. TTS27 has raised $7,700 dollars which will be used to help install the water system in Ocutuan.

Members from Eagle Condor will be flying to Peru in late March of 2017, to help with the installation. TTS27 is excited to have completed our Zenith project, and ultimately to have helped a deserving community.