“I hope what you learn goes in through your mind, but more importantly, that it touches your heart and goes back out through your hands into your country.”

Each Traveling School semester group creates a zenith project at the end of their semester – this project can take any form, but is meant to display their new leadership skills, the knowledge they have gained, and their inspiration to make change in their local and global community.

What is “Reading the World” Facebook page about?

“This page was created by semester 25 of the Traveling School in an effort to share what we learned in our travels through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá. This page features excerpts from books we read, people we interviewed and events that we experienced. It is our social responsibility to bring awareness to issues such as globalization, immigration, discrimination, lack of education, political power discrepancy and economic inequality.”

McKinley tells us about their Zenith Project here:

Check out Reading the World, like it, and stay aware about global issues – brought to you by Traveling School alumnae.