When Erin Rose joined The Traveling School in 2017, she had no idea the impact an all-female, international semester would make on her world-view and future goals.

After spending the semester traveling through South America, Erin Rose returned home to Atlanta, Georgia, but realized she wanted more out of her education.

“I found that coming back from living internationally and studying experientially was harder than I anticipated,” Erin Rose admitted, “but, during the first semester back home I found out about the United World College, a two-year IB diploma program with 17 international boarding locations.”

Shortly after submitting her application to UWC, Erin Rose received placement in the city of Mostar located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite having never heard of any of these places, Erin Rose jumped right into a community of 200 other students from 70 different countries.

The Traveling School prepared me with the necessary communication and time management skills needed to live with classmates and form personal connections with teachers all while living abroad and completing UWC’s rigorous academic curriculum.”

Her experience also taught her concrete leadership skills she continues to hone today. “It helped me develop responsibility and ability to take initiative, which I applied while working at an all-girls summer camp, Camp Carysbrook.

“The Traveling School’s preparation provided a turning point in my leadership skills,” say Erin. She was promoted from Counselor in Training to Counselor because, “The Traveling School gave me lots of experiences and skills to rely on, such as being “Chieflet” for the day, living fully immersed in the group dynamic and balancing traveling, studying, and self care.”

Erin Rose reiterates that her high school experience has been unconventional, exactly how she wants it. “The Traveling School (TTS) taught me that one’s education doesn’t have to fit in a box,” Erin Rose asserts. “Before I heard about TTS, I never considered the possibility of studying abroad in high school.”

Erin Rose credits her Traveling School teachers for her ability to embrace a non-linear high school experience and changing her mind about society’s expectations.

“The teachers act as so much more,” Erin Rose said of her TTS semester, “they are your parents, mentors, first-aiders, guides, and friends during the semester and even afterwards. These strong women showed me that a career path doesn’t have to follow a linear direction or involve sitting in an office for years, but can consist of living in the outdoors, guiding trips, and so much more.”

Erin Rose’s Traveling School themed Hashtag is #ToEachTheirOwn

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Maddy Eglian, Development Assistant