We estimate that over the past three semesters, TTS students saved, earned and raised over $50,000 to help their families cover tuition when really going to high-school can be considered a full-time job.


YOU can make it easier!

Meet Mozelle from TTS36!

After big sister, Malia, traveled to southern Africa on TTS26, Mozelle knew she wanted to follow in Malia’s footsteps. In fact, Mozelle started fundraising towards her TTS tuition in eighth grade and ultimately raised more than $6,000.

Not only did Mozelle sell pies, she also mowed lawns and cleaned trailers (really gross cleaning she says!).

But all her hard work made her TTS journey so worth it. Big sister Malia is on semester right now, teaching and serving as a mentor to a great group of TTS38 students in the Western US, and Mozelle looks forward to returning to TTS as a teacher down the road. Right now, however, she is focusing on her senior year in high school!

“Some girls are already financially positioned to have these experiences. But when you invest in The Traveling School, you are opening the door of possibilities to girls who might not otherwise have access, especially young women of color, including my sister and me. TTS gave me a better awareness of opportunities I can take. This could not have been accomplished without the help of donors.”  — Mozelle

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