Adelle Welch, a spring 2019 alumna, was featured in The Traveling School’s 2019 Impact Report as an Alumnae Changemaker. 

Her story below: 

Changemaker Status:

High School Senior, Livingston, MT.

Her Passions: 

Renewable Energy

Responsible consumerism

The Traveling School Spark:

“The Traveling School challenged me to think about different perspectives in a more inclusive way. I can listen easier and understand other’s ideas and opinions. I also started to think critically about how actions and words impact the people around me. For example, with consumerism, how what we buy impacts the world.”

Her impact:

“I’m wearing the same dress for this entire semester to protest the environmental impact of fast fashion. I’ve inspired a few friends to join me. I couldn’t have done this before my Traveling School semester. In South America we lived out of a backpack, and I only had one pair of jeans for the entire 15 weeks. That experience taught me to live simply. Additionally, so much of what I learned on the semester led me to think about how my consumerism has a global impact.”

Thank you, Adelle, for sharing your story with The Traveling School!