High School Reimagined


At The Traveling School, the classroom is all around you. Learning comes to life in the places you visit, from the people you meet and the stories they tell. Our curriculum connects rigorous standards-based academics to a region of the globe, creating a culturally diverse and academically sound educational experience. The Traveling School develops classes and academic experiences based on the following key components:

Differentiated classrooms provide individualized instruction to better support each student’s academic path.

Focus on primary sources including eyewitness accounts in order to identify and acknowledge bias in sources of information.

Transformative teachings incorporate structural analysis to explore important themes such as: race, privilege, indigeneity, feminism, social justice and power dynamics.

Low student-to-teacher ratio and college seminar-style classes ensure active and engaged learners.

Student-centered approach integrates creative lessons and multiple modes of learning allowing students to express and enrich their high school education in a variety of ways.

An all-female learning environment allows students to focus on academic achievement, develop leadership skills and build self-esteem in a supportive community.

Experiential, relevant and place-based units support critical inquiry and thorough questioning.

Reflective academic environment based on mutual respect, incorporating thoughtful silence and student-to-student discussion creates space for diverse viewpoints.

Discussion-based courses which are interdisciplinary in nature and connect content to students’ lives, to history and to today’s world.

All coursework is taught at an advanced level and involves comprehensive reading, writing, research and student engagement. Seminar-style teaching promotes student discussion and debate, comparative studies and progressive learning. Traveling School courses focus on critical and creative thinking and the ability to access, synthesize, evaluate and communicate information through various formats.

My Traveling School semester is the single, richest, experience that I have ever had. It built my confidence, channeled my curiosity, encouraged me to consider my impact on the world and empowered me to make that impact positive. It launched me into my adult life and the person I had always wanted to become.

Shannon - The Traveling School Alumni
Shannon, Fall & Spring 2010 Alumna