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An excerpt by Katy from Illinois:

“Chickens crowed as the moon slid its way into the perfect spot in the warm night sky. My host mother Maria Magdelena’s rocking chair slowed as she nervously looked behind her shoulders at the dimly lit houses around her, searching for an eavesdropping neighbor. Finally, she spoke. “I don’t like the Sandanistas I never have.” The red and black colors of the FSLN flag flew boldly, lit by orange lamplight, in front of the house across the street. In my slow and broken Spanish I questioned, “did you like Somoza?” Maria’s rocking chair stopped entirely as she pondered. “I don’t know enough to say. My family liked Somoza. I think I agree.” 

When I left the comfort of my Chicago apartment, I knew the blacks and whites I had in my mind would be twisted, wrung out until history was every shade of grey imaginable. Throughout the months I’ve traveled through Central America, those shades of grey have become increasingly muddled, but it wasn’t until Maria’s perspective that I realized history isn’t 1,000 shades of grey, it’s the whole color spectrum. The more I dug into the history of Nicaragua, the more roots and sediment I dug up. I got no answers, only questions, questions, questions.”  

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