After ten years, Grace Stopher still remembers her semester with The Traveling School as a pivotal point in her educational career. She credits her semesters at The Traveling School as the reason for her ability to navigate new situations and fresh careers.

“The empowering experience of being a student with The Traveling School laid the foundation of my leadership skills. As a student abroad, I learned that unfamiliar or difficult situations are pathways to growth and opportunity.” 

After graduating high school, Grace pursued a degree in studio art at the University of Montana. During this time she worked in the nonprofit art sector planning events and coordinating committees. This eventually led her to a leadership position in the Oregon wine industry. Again, she considers The Traveling School’s emphasis on learning from the world around her as a factor in her career switch. 

“Did I ever imagined I would hold a management role at a winery after studying art? I didn’t,” Grace said of her current job, “But my desire to be malleable and seek education in everything has been my best asset in my career so far.”