Amsara Holly, a fall 2009 alumna, was featured in The Traveling School’s 2019 Impact Report as an Alumnae Changemaker. 


Her story below: 


Changemaker Status: 

Entrepeneur, Los Angeles, CA 

Her Passions:

Police Brutality

Women’s Empowerment

Black Lives Matter

The Traveling School Spark: 

“The Traveling School greatly influenced the person I am today. A fire was ignited during my semester. It instilled in me the belief I can accomplish absolutely anything I set my mind to. It showed me as a young woman I am powerful and can mold my own path. I became comfortable going the unconventional route and realized I didn’t have to follow other’s standards or society’s rules. It inspired me to want to empower other young women.”

Her Impact:

“I’m proud of what my sisters and I have achieved with the creation of Holly Girlz, LLC, our music, fashion and media company. A huge highlight for me was when we were featured in the introduction video for First Lady Michelle Obama’s Becoming Book Tour. When Barack Obama was President, we created a YouTube video in support of First Lady Obama’s Let Girls Learn campaign. Years later, it was amazing to see she used our video to help tell the story of the impactful Let Girls Learn initiative. 

Holly Girlz videos feature our music and brand, but they are also a platform for messaging to empower our young female fans. We strive to be clean, positive examples of young women and females on the entertainment industry. The media is over-sexualized, and we want to change that. My goal, as an individual, is to be approachable and a breath of fresh air for the other girls and women who follow Holly Girlz. 

Thank you, Amsara, for sharing your story with The Traveling School.